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What does HubSpot 3 mean for the future of UK marketing?

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HubSpot, Brightfire’s strategic partner for supplying inbound marketing services in the UK and beyond, recently announced an upgrade to their set of tools that makes it easy for “mere marketing mortals” like you and me to deliver the type of personalisation that Amazon is known for, while generating better qualified leads into your marketing funnel.

“HubSpot 3 is a fully integrated marketing platform built by HubSpot in 2012. The platform is based on an extensive contact database and enables each channel of marketing to be more agile and personalized to the end recipient,” say HubSpot themselves.

Since the announcement the digital marketing world has been abuzz with chat and opinions about the advances in marketing automation that HubSpot have brought to the market.So what does the industry think?

“The new features that I am most excited about are the custom contact form fields and smart calls to action. Both features empower us to create a more personalized experience for our customers … With the rollout of HubSpot 3, I can now have up to 1,000 custom fields on my contact records.  I see a lot of segmented lists in my future,” writes Shannon Fuldauer of Kuno.

“With smart CTAs, visitors to my site will see different content based on where they fall within the sales funnel,” she adds.

“So HubSpot3 has been released with features such as Smart CTAs, Smart Forms, Workflows and Dynamic Smart Lists, all of which enable you to change automatically the content that your prospects see based on any information that you have about them in your contacts database,” points out Johnny Mone of Brightfire.

“A new email platform that crushes it. (I would be very surprised if HubSpot customers continue to use a different email platform like an AWeber, MailChimp or Infusionsoft because of the abilities of this enhanced feature.),” comments Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion.

“As we learned about the new tools and HubSpot upgrade, we were simply amazed,” Kristin Linde of Visual Inspiration concludes laconically.

For those of you who want to learn more about the new HubSpot software version, here is a link to the HubSpot 3 launch keynote video: http://blog.HubSpot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33558/Founders-Launch-HubSpot-3-During-INBOUND-2012-Keynote-FULL-VIDEO.aspx

Brightfire’s stance on HubSpot 3

We are convinced that HubSpot 3 is a huge step forward for businesses who want to pull prospects towards them by publishing content that they love. They can only do this if they really understand the context in which their prospects are engaging with their content.

HubSpot 3 tracks all online interactions including website visits, downloads, email opens and social media responses. Using this information, it provides marketers with the means to offer visitors the content that is best suited to their interest and level.

This unique capability is going to transform marketing forever and it is being rolled out across the UK and the rest of the world already.

Brightfire is an Inbound Marketing company and HubSpot Gold Certified HubSpot International Partner of the Year 2011. If you would like to know more about HubSpot 3 or arrange a no-obligation review of your website and marketing activities, just call 0845 0347330 or click here:

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